Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joy School

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been crazy busy putting together something sort of like a preschool , it's called "Joyschool".

"Joy School is a preschool where parents form a neighborhood group (usually three to seven families) conduct a twice a week do-it-yourself preschool -- rotating from home to home, with each mother taking her turn as teacher.

With Joy Schools your trusted friends and neighbors are the other teachers; you take your turn teaching and then have more free time while the others take their turns."

I've found some great resources for teaching that I thought I'd pass along to you (a friend helped me out quite a bit in finding these)! You don't need to start a joyschool to use all the tools that are available out there.

Everything Preschool

Thursday, January 14, 2010

GNO- Designer Blvd.
If ever there was a Heaven on would have to be Designer Blvd. I get giddy just walking through the doors. It's a place that has beautiful and unique home decor, fun clothes and jewelry. oh! and I can't forget their baby boutique. The owner is an interior decorator who wanted to bring the fine treasures that were available to her to the masses, ie:me.
A white damask pattern over a light blue wall, green and pink floral arrangements with matching whimsical throw pillows, ornate tables and mirrors and rustic chunky frames decorated with metal flowers and jewels all greet you when you walk in. *sigh*. If only I had a million dollars. What? What's that you say. THEY'RE HAVING A SALE!!! Giving prizes, discounts and even dinner!! That's right! Every second Thursday of the month they do a Girl's Night Out! Today they're having homemade fry bread ...mmmm....Well, I know what I'm having for dinner (sorry, get pizza tonight). The prizes and discounts are all day, but the dinner is at 6pm.
Their address is:
4895 S. Higley Rd. Suite 103
Gilbert, AZ 85298
(It's on the South East corner of Higley and Queen Creek)

And to top it off , I have a brooch from there to give away!! Tie a ribbon around a candle and pin it on top, put it on a throw pillow, or wear it on your lapel or in your hair. It's so pretty!

If you go to the GNO today, you will get 10 extra entries. If you put this on your blog you'll get 5 extra entries. If you become a follower you get 5 entries. Leave a comment telling me what you've done!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloomers Winner!

So far this year has been quite eventful and we're only 2 weeks into it! My sister's husband was deployed (he's in the Navy) for six months, so she moved next to me so her in-laws and I could help her out when she needed it and the cousins could be close. Well, the first weekend in January, her 2 year old son had to be hospitalized for pneumonia and then the second weekend in January, her 2 week old daughter was admitted to the hospital for RSV (we're hoping she gets to go home tonight or tomorrow). I've been watching her boys, and I love it! It's a bit tiring, but it's been fun, too. Needless to say, I've been neglecting the blog, which is sad because I have a lot to give away!

So let the give aways begin!!
First things first: The bloomers (I was hoping for 15, but 10 will do)

The winner is:
e-mail me with the waist measurment, from waist to crotch, and then from waist to just above the knee. I'll also need your address.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I took some pictures last Monday of a grandpa and his grandchildren.


I also took some of her niece who was turning 12.