Saturday, August 7, 2010


I hate carrying around a big purse (stuffing it into the stroller then having to wrestle with it as I try to get it back out in order to buy my groceries- everybody behind me sighing a little too loudly as my kids start to cry because I won't let them have the $5 miniature doll with rubber clothes or all the candy they've managed to pilfer while I struggle to get at my stupid PURSE!!!-ahem...I'm fine, I promise. I love purses...just not while I already have so much to juggle)

However, I think I've lost my debit card a total of three times {this month alone}'s time to get something to keep my debit card/ phone and maybe even a diaper in. I found this on fun!! I wonder if I could make it...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vintage Hem DIY

Have you ever had a skirt that you absolutely LoVe but it's just a tad bit too short {so you're constantly tugging at it, worried that you might accidentally moon some unsuspecting person as you bend down down pick up your baby}? Well, I went to Sensibly Styled where she featured an amazing website called Vintage Hem. They sell slips that have beautiful, fun fabric sewn to the bottom to make your dresses a little bit longer! Love the concept, but as you know, I'm way too cheap. So, I went to Hobby Lobby, found some beautiful lace {that was 50% off!!} and sewed it to the bottom of an old slip I had. Ta-da!

Now ladies, don't go and put lace on a miniskirt and call it modest!! You can see through lace...just remember that...