Friday, December 18, 2009

For Where Your Treasure is...
Some day I will have a beautiful house. It will probably be in an inviting craftsman style with windows that give off a warm glow and an wrap around porch that sends out a whisper of "Welcome home". I will be able to pour out generous amounts of money in order to keep this house filled with my treasures and bits of bliss.
But as of right now, my treasure lies hidden in the fingerprint smudges that grace my computer keyboard {without my little ones, said fingerprints wouldn't be there-so all of the little reminders make my heart sing...well, most of them anyway}. I find happiness in the shrieks of delight from a tiny one year old as he slobbers on the sliding glass door, trying to give his puppy kisses. Granted, I have my tiny touches of bliss here and there that I can afford right now {not just monetarily speaking, of course, but I can only grant a minimal amount of time to indulge my crafty cravings}. I see things. I want things. But all that needs to be done to rectify this is to turn and look at my daughter's smiling face {cracking her self up with her own nonsensical jokes} and I come to the realization that having a choice, I would much rather be wearing my princess tiara while my little miss graces the stage {an overturned laundry basket- obviously laundry isn't taking precedence} belting out made up songs on her pretend pink guitar. I am her captive audience {her devoted groupie}. As for now, I will relish in tickle fights and I will be content with daydreaming of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and all things floral.
BUT I will have an awesome Christmas stay tuned!

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