Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joy School

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been crazy busy putting together something sort of like a preschool , it's called "Joyschool".

"Joy School is a preschool where parents form a neighborhood group (usually three to seven families) conduct a twice a week do-it-yourself preschool -- rotating from home to home, with each mother taking her turn as teacher.

With Joy Schools your trusted friends and neighbors are the other teachers; you take your turn teaching and then have more free time while the others take their turns."

I've found some great resources for teaching that I thought I'd pass along to you (a friend helped me out quite a bit in finding these)! You don't need to start a joyschool to use all the tools that are available out there.

Everything Preschool

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  1. Those are some GREAT sites!!!! I used Enchanted Learning ALL the time when I was teaching 1st grade, and it was wonderful!

    Best of luck!
    Amy W